Targeted Promotion

Targeted Promotion

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The KEY to successful promotion is communicating the right message to the right people, in the right medium, at the right time

Many businesses promote themselves when they are quiet, when it is usually harder to achieve results.

Your strategic planning will have identified the peak times when you are busy and how we can maximise income during those times, to:

  • ironing out the peaks and troughs
  • targetting specific areas to keep customers using your services throughout the year
  • creating unique customer experiences to
  • increase frequency of purchase
  • measuring results and profiling best potential

Monitoring response will help us both to see what’s working well and what needs reviewing to improve results

Profiling your customers will help you reach more like-minded people:

  • existing customers in your current catchment area, to improve penetration and frequency of visit
  • potential customers in your next wider market orbit, to attract initial visits and, once there to promote repeat visits
  • extending impact and intensity, evaluating potential for new products or services

We can then devise progressive solutions, using proven communication techniques which will work better for you and your customers:

  • person-to-person
  • in-store
  • direct mail
  • online